Medical Surgical Ward


Medical Surgical Ward caters to adult patients having some medical and surgical cases like Hypertensive urgency, Chronic Kidney disease, Cerebrovascular diseases, Diabetes Mellitus II, and pneumonia for the medical cases; Appendectomy, Fistulectomy, Hemmoroidectomy, Herniorrhaphy, Thyroidectomy and Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for the surgical cases. It is strategically located  at the 5th floor of St. Vincent General Hospital. It consists of 2 areas, the Male Medical/Surgical Area and the Female Medical/Surgical Area. The nurses station is geographically situated at the end of the hall.

Once you step out of the elevator, you can see on your far right the main nurses station. Also directly beside the elevator is the students lounge. The nurses station has its own comfort room exclusively for Doctors and nurses, at the right side of the station is the lounge area for nurses to place their bags and other personal things.

Medications and other specimens are placed on the refrigerator inside the nurses lounge for safekeeping. The medication cubicles are located at the back of the station right beside the lavatory. At the nurses station, charts are placed accordingly for easy access. The computer system and emergency cart is also strategically located near the station for convenience and easy access. Some of the most important equipments like the suction machine, nebulizer and dressing tray are placed near the station as well. Patients directory is also placed visbly at the station for easy viewing of admitted patients in the ward.

The MS Ward shall cater to its patients with nurses well trained and competently confident to answer patient needs.